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The 37

A successful new construction.

Challenge 1: Obligation of the city to retain part of the masonry and structure of the existing building. 
Immolean solution: Our design team was able to find the best exterior finishes to obtain a harmonious look between the existing coverings and the new ones.

Challenge 2: The height of the ceilings in the basement did not allow for a viable living space. 
Immolean solution: Keep the floor joists to meet city requirements and carry out an undercut excavation of the basement to lower the floor while respecting the structural constraints and the costs presented in the budget.

Challenge 3: The city did not authorize an extension of the garage attached to the house.
immolean solution: Proposal of an alternative solution by building a detached garage at the rear of the land.

Type: Residential

Status: Completed

Service: Turnkey

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