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Want to get your plans done first? Do you already have a general contractor contracted and are you looking for a plan design team? Immolean puts its team of architects, technologists and engineers at your disposal to meet your design needs.

01. Needs analysis and initial recommendations.

02. Analysis and choice of professionals for your project (engineer, architect, designer, surveyor, town planner).

03. Presentation of the service offer.

04. Start-up meeting with the client.

05. Project development and design.

06. Complete procedure for requesting a permit (optional). 

07. Final review with the client and 3D presentation of the plans.

Tell us about your project!

Do you have a project in mind, but don't know where to start? We will be happy to speak to you and discuss your project. No commitment, just active listening and brainstorming ideas!


Need some inspiration first?

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