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The turnkey service offeris our specialty at Immolean. Whether you are considering a single-family project, a multiplex, a commercial or public project, our team of designers, architects, engineers and subcontractors is at your disposal to make your project a true success. We take your expectations and your budget into account, in order to offer you a result that meets your aspirations.

01.Preliminary analysis of your objectives, your needs, your costs and financing options, your timelines, the  regulations and your project options.

02. Support in your due diligence in the case of a land purchase.

03. Planning (feasibility) and study of municipal regulations, subsidies and/or programs offered (APH Select and others) to evaluate the options and define the direction of your project.

04. Estimate before the Urban Planning Advisory Committee (CCU) for validation of financial feasibility.

05. Support with the CCU.

06.Support in your financing.

07. Design and management for permits (architecture, engineering and other stakeholders).

08. Design service for your project and for the sale/rental of the latter (3D images, virtual video, drone video, website and others).

09. Estimate before your permit application.

10. Support in your permit application.

11. Creation of calls for tenders for the construction of your project.

12. Creation of a schedule for the construction of your project.

13. Construction and management of all project stakeholders.

14. Commissioning and optimization of equipment for energy/cost savings (optional).

15. Promotion of your project on our networks.

Transparency and communication are at the heart of our activities!

Tell us about your project!

Do you have a project in mind, but don't know where to start? We will be happy to speak to you and discuss your project. No commitment, just active listening and brainstorming ideas!


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