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The Californian

A major renovation project that demonstrates our passion for transforming living spaces. The owners entrusted us with the challenge of renovating their dream home, a project that had been driving them for five long years. And we took this opportunity to give a second life to this residence located in the Chomedey district of Laval.

This magnificent project presented many design and construction challenges from the start, but we met them with flying colors. First of all, our clients wanted to add a second floor and create an open area, thus bringing a new dimension to their home.

Then, carrying out the expansion required particular expertise. The slab on ground was a real challenge with deeper excavation due to the presence of friable rocks. We also extended the slab at the window and door openings, creating a California-style living room space. In addition, we installed a polished concrete slab and an electric heating slab for optimal comfort.

Despite these many challenges, our Immolean team was able to meet customer requirements and offer a quality product that exceeds their expectations. 

Type: Residential

Status: Completed

Service: Turnkey

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